15 Minutes of Fame

Today I have realized a fantasy that I have had since being a young kid and that is to be a radio journalist! About two months ago I interviewed local radio show host and professional speaker, George Torok, about his career progression from corporate 9 to 5’er into the world of professional public speaking. I sent a recording of the interview to a podcast called SmallBizPod.co.uk.

Recorded in the UK by one Alex Bellinger, SmallBizPod is one of my favourite podcasts. It has been a source if inspiration for me whilst we have been getting Qube Communications up and running and the topics it covers are very relevant to entrepreneurship. Alex included my interview in his latest podcast (#34). You can listen to it online or download it to you ipod if you have one.

Now, before you get too excited, George, as you would expect from a DJ and professional speaker, is a man who loves the sound of his own voice. If you do to listen to the interview, don’t be too surprised to find that my voice does not feature nearly as heavily as George’s, in fact it might be safe to say that in parts he wipes the floor with me. But there is a first time for everything and I am happy that I managed to work out how to use the recording device on my mp3 player (given that the VHS baffled me for years) and got the courage up to call a complete stranger to ask him to talk about himself for half an hour (as it happens, I couldn’t have picked a better subject). The next one will be easier and more polished.

I am travelling to Gabon at the moment – I am actually writing this from the Holiday Inn at Charles De Gaulle in Paris. It is my last trip and will only be 3 weeks this time. I’ll be flying to the UK on December 19th to meet Rob and to stay with my family for Xmas. I will miss my monthly doses of international travel, I love to be in Paris even if it is mostly the inside of an airport or a hotel that I see, but it is a small price to pay to be permanently amongst loved ones and friends again in Canada.

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