2 new additions to Team Wanderlust

P1010085During August, my Mum and Dad came to stay. We had a blast whilst they were here. We got the chance to have lunch with Rob’s Dad and Doris and spent the day visiting Toronto Island which was a first for me. Dad fixed my car (it’s running like a dream now, although my efforts to get Rob to agree to me having a new one are now completely scuppered!).

The weekend before Mum and Dad left, Rob, myself and five other friends particpated in the 24 Hour Hot August Nights Mountain Bike Race at Albion Hills (near Bolton). This race involves tag teams and soloists riding non-stop for 24 hours around a 15km mountain biking trail. We start at noon on Saturday and the last rider goes out before noon the following day. So, yes, that means some riders riding through the night with head lights on. What an experience.

Mum and Dad camped with us and kept us going with sandwiches and encouragement, as well as a nice fire when we got back from our respective laps. Most of the photos (I’ve put them in my Facebook album) were taken by my Mum.

I am lucky to have parents who get along so well with my friends and I think everybody really enjoyed themselves.

Most notable performances have to go to Dave Enns who bettered his first lap time (done during the day) by a whole minute during his night time lap. He did 15km in 49 minutes, a whole 11 minutes faster than my fastest time during the day!!! Tecla smoked round on all her laps. In fact, we figured out that our lap times were better than any of those of the other female riders who were part of a five person team.

Dave Scottlander managed his final lap on Sunday inspite of a scratched eyeball, and Matt did his last lap on a bike that didn’t even belong to him after a slight mechanical first thing on Sunday morning.

Mums Cannon 083I’ve included pictures of the infamous “Snakes on a Plank”. The race organizers put this obstacle up at 10am on Sunday morning (when some people who are riding solo or parts of smaller numbered teams haven’t had any sleep) and allow a big crowd of people to watch as you ride over a slippery plank crossing a really nasty pit of muddy water. None of the spectaular falls are from our team, but they are still worth a look!

One thought on “2 new additions to Team Wanderlust”

  1. And we are so lucky to have such lovely “kids” like you – how could we possibly not get on with everyone when we were made to feel so welcome and accepted.

    You have great friends and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves getting to know them. Thank you for giving us the opportunity.

    Love you loads

    Mum xxx

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