Count Down to Gabon

Rob and I at Lowville Bistro On Friday 28th Oct Rob and I went for dinner at the Lowville Bistro. It was a night of firsts..first time at the Lowville Bistro, first time being served by someone who looked like John Malkovich, first time we had ever tried a Spanish Syrah (would recommend) and first time I ever used my digital camera. Check out the picture of the two of us..not bad for a beginner I think.

On Saturday the weather was amazing and we were able to sit outside with Bob and Doris who dropped by unexpectedly for lunch. In the afternoon it was Dave and Lisa’s wedding at the Dundas Golf and Country club. I do like a good wedding, and this was certainly a good one. Lisa looked absolutely gorgeous (I left the photgraphy for that event up to Rob – check out the albums) and Rob was happy because he got to shake his booty to some Violent Femmes at the reception. They are off to San Fran for a well earned honeymoon. Thanks guys, it was a great day (love the choccies that we got to take home with us).

Today Rob and I are up ridiculously early due partly to the fact that the clocks went back last night and partly because today is the day I fly to Gabon and I am crapping myself (excuse the language, but in this case I think it’s justified). I haven’t packed yet, so I probably should go. Thank you to everyone at Robert Half for a great send off last week and for my Hikers Haven voucher, which I have bought a really hi-tech rain jacket with. Please feel free to add comments to this blog as you see fit…

4 thoughts on “Count Down to Gabon”

  1. Hi love
    By the time you read this hopefully you will have arrived safely at your destination in Gabon and probably kn******d! Look forward to hearing all about your news and how you found the flight(s) – good to speak to you whilst at Dawns – perhaps next time you’re around this part of the world we can maybe meet up for a little while? Anyway, sleep tight and good luck in your new venture. Lots of love Mum and Dad xx

  2. o.k. I’ve added comment to the Prouse site now I’m adding something here…Hope the BBQ’d Zebra isn’t repeating :-p Luv Ya, hope you’re adjusting well to the new overalls!!

  3. Juliette!!!

    I love that you have this website!! Miss you already, work is not the same (although I love your desk!! ha ha-nice view) What an adventure you are on, hand-made for you. Cannot wait to hear about it, please call when you are back!! Hugs

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