A Gem of a Statement

hair-on-fire.jpgMost people who are in regular contact with me will now know that I have gone back to my former career as an accounting and finance head hunter. Although we saw some early success with Qube, and financially it was fairly lucrative for a business so early in it’s development, I could not stand to work from home alone and was going quietly doolally in my basement.

I realized that it was time for a change when, after being alone in my home office for an entire week, Rob went away climbing for the long Easter weekend, and I spent most of it drifting around our house, brow beating and bemoaning my isolation like Lady Macbeth without the soliloquies.

I need people, I need interaction, communication, laughter and most of all human support from real people. So I guess, unless I go into business with someone else at some point in the future, self-employment is not looking to be a very likely option for me being, in my experience, a very solitary activity.

Fortunately interaction, communication, people and a certain amount of drive, are required for recruitment and I have been fortunate to have been invited to join a well-respected and established practice near to my home. I am now working for The 500 Inc at their Oakville corporate head office. They belong to the prestigious Ian Martin Group of Companies, and I am loving it.

Today, after a long day spent on the telephone, listening to a seemingly endless list of people, who all told me they wanted to leave their current accounting position because they wanted a “challenge”, but were not quite able to define what “challenge” actually meant to them, I ended up speaking to a gentleman from Sarnia. He reminded me exactly why I get such a kick out of talking to new people. In response to the question “why are you looking to leave your current organization?”, he said “Well, I work in Government and the pace is very slow…..and really, Juliette, I am the type of guy who likes to travel at 100 miles an hour with his hair on fire. I will never forget that statement, question is, who is recruiting for a stunt man with a CGA?

One thought on “A Gem of a Statement”

  1. Hi Juliette

    I can understand your need for interaction with others. Good that you were doing well with Qube and you can say it was successful. I know you put a lot into your business, but you have to face yourself when you know it’s not the right fit. I can see you smiling a lot more with a buzz around you and I’m glad you’ve found a great job – they are very lucky to have you. Good Luck.

    Luv to both – L&T

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