A Rabi Perfect Day

As anyone who communicates with me during my last week in Rabi will know, I get a bit short tempered. I want to come home, I miss my husband and small things start to bother me. So, feeling rather in that mode, I wasn’t going to write a post today (I try to ascribe to the old adage ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all’), but then I saw something that made me chuckle and I had to blog about it..

In Rabi (the name for our oil field) we have an incentive scheme called ‘Rabi Perfect Day’. We are considered to have had a ‘Perfect Day’ when a certain set of production benchmarks are achieved (things like budgeted output in barrels, no compressor trips, no generator issues etc). When we achieve 10 in one 2 week period we are rewarded with an early finish, a free bar (possibly another reason why I was feeling a bit off colour) and a ‘Special Meal’.

The Special Meal will take place this evening and I have just taken a look at the menu. It is written in French (the national language in Gabon) with English translations. On tonights menu we have:

* Shrimps Indiana Style (Do we have to look out for large rolling boulders as we are served???)

* Stuffed sucking pig (sucking what??)

* Fish smoked to the vegetables (is that like being stuffed to the gills??)

* Nazi Goreng (Heil Hitler!) 


Well I find it funny, but then again I have just spent over three weeks in the middle of bloody nowhere with a bunch of middle aged Scottish oil workers…

One thought on “A Rabi Perfect Day”

  1. That’s too funny…The Shrimps Indiana is inspired!!! Love that one. LOL

    A question though? Do you still get the special meal if the catering staff is on strike? Does that still constitute a “Rabi Perfect Day”? You better start cooking now Juliette!

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