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Me.jpgI am Juliette Prouse. I am 35 years old, I live in Burlington, Ontario, Canada with my husband of six years. No pets, no children and a shed full of toys.

I moved to Canada in 2001 after I met my husband, Rob, (who is a software developer) whilst working in Tokyo, Japan, as an Accountant. I had escaped to Tokyo from London (England) after five fun, but somewhat debauche, years following my graduation from Manchester Metropolitan University, where I was then known as Juliette Dempsey. We got married in Japan and announced our marriage to our respective families afterwards. I will be eternally grateful to my parents for the way they accepted our decision and for the way they have welcomed their new son-in-law into the fold.

Currently I work in an oil field called ‘Rabi’ in the African country of Gabon (it is right next to the Congo on the West Coast). I travel here from Toronto through Paris every 28 days to work for a month straight and then I fly home to take 28 days leave. We live in the middle of the rain forest and it is not uncommon to see exotic wild life during the course of a working day.

I love my home in Canada and spend a lot of time outdoors, cycling (road and mountain biking), kayaking, running, skiing and swimming. I also love to cook (and to eat) and dance and we are lucky to have a great circle of friends to enjoy these things with.

I write this blog as a way of connecting with people I know in places where I can’t always get to see them and as an outlet for the never ending stream of ideas that go on in my head. The blog is called ‘Early Morning Navel Gazing’ at the suggestion of my husband and as a tribute to my Dad who (I think) coined the phrase. It relates to the way that I regularly wake up very early in the morning and cannot get back to sleep because I am ‘thinking’.

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