Brexit Again

Brexit VoteI have been stewing about the Brexit vote all weekend. However, I’ve had the chance to discuss it with friends, including those who are far better politically informed than I.

Dave, who can always be relied upon to provide a well informed counter-argument, gave me an interesting alternative to consider. Following on from our discussion he sent me this article from The Intercept.

The article blames the vote on arrogant and elitist institutions (including the media). It argues that these institutions have systematically ignored the plight of people who are suffering from a decline in their standard of living. All the while the wealth gap between them and the “elite” gets wider. These people have limited alternative methods to enact change, and the Brexit vote was an opportunity to hit back. Regardless of whether it was the right thing to do or not.

Have a read and keep an open mind.

Dave has long since told me I am an elitist. A claim I have always roundly dismissed. But maybe he is right. Maybe that is why the vote upset me so much; because I identify with the oppressors and not the oppressed.

Major food for thought.

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