An eloquent answer to a difficult question

I’m approaching the big Four Oh this year and so the question of why I am childless is raised less and less – this is a blessing as it has not always been this way. I have had few problems with the fact personally (it being largely a choice that Rob and I made early on in our relationship), but surprisingly, others definitely have. When I first moved to Canada (which was not unrelated to my, then recent, marriage) I was at the receiving end of a great deal of pressure from a number of different parties who seemed to think that our decisions about children had something to do with them and would not let the subject rest.

At the time, due either to a lack of self awareness or an inability to stand up for myself, I didn’t have a very good answer prepared in my defense. I wish I’d read the following article then. I couldn’t put my own thoughts and feelings on the subject better if I tried. Thanks to Paula for forwarding it to me.

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