An eventful few days

P1010020So in case you were one of the few people who I did not tell on Sunday – I ran the Around the Bay Road Race last weekend. It is the oldest road race in North America. It follows the shoreline between Burlington and Hamilton for 30km with some interesting hills right at the end, when the only way you know you have feet anymore is because of the constant pain at the end of your legs.

Usually people run it in biting winds, at least a foot of snow and the odd ice storm, but this Sunday was a balmy 6 degrees and, well, it was actually a very pleasant experience, (although not one I’ll be repeating again in a hurry). I did it in 2 hours 42 minutes, which is great for a hack like me, and about 30 minutes faster than I expected, but nothing compared to the elite runners. The fastest female time being 1.45 (that is 3.5 minutes a km).

The ATB, as we athletes like to call it, was not the highlight of the last few days though. The weekend before we were up in Collingwood at Steve’s surprise 40th birthday party. Silvia and Terry had hired a big yellow school bus to take us all from Jozo’s (the bar) to a restaurant in Collingwood. On the way there we all did a shooter of Steve’s favourite tipple, Apfelkorn. I felt like I was in an old skool rock video. I kept expecting Aerosmith to jump up from behind the back seats and start playing ‘Walk this Way’.

It was awesome to see everyone up there again and somehow (I think more to do with Rob than me) we ended up with some great photos of the night. I have edited them this evening and they’ll be up on the website soon.

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