Another 30 Day Free Trial

So the giving up alcohol for 30 days did me the power of good and my consumption levels are back at a level where I don’t really think about them anymore (only two bottles of Blue Nun a night). So now it’s time for me to try something else for 30 days and see what happens. Only this is going to be much tougher than alcohol. Coffee and tea…

I am strictly a ‘proper’ tea drinker (milk and a large sugar, please) and have never taken to any of those herbal teas that, to me, seem like so much coloured water.

Coffee I have to have strong, but with lots of milk and sugar and it seems I only like the stuff that has been grown in the least environmentally sound circumstances possible. Don’t give me shade grown, spring filtered, fair trade stuff. I only like the coffee that someone in a third world country has been seriously exploited for, in order to supply it. Starbucks springs to mind.

I have tried for years to give up sugar and I can’t. So it seems I am going to have to throw the baby out with the bath water and just not have coffee or tea at all.

The other reason, which I am reluctant to admit, since it probably gives way more information than you’d prefer, is that caffeine is a known cause of cellulite and in this cold weather when I am not as active as in the summer…well…I shall say no more.

So today was the first day. My friend Sue has given me a huge packet of green and roasted brown rice tea which I actually like, and which doesn’t require milk and sugar to make it palatable and so I am training myself to drink that instead. Today has seen some success, but when Rob came home, he did find a lot of half drunk, cold, cups of green tea lying all over the house. Well, it’s only day one.

One thought on “Another 30 Day Free Trial”

  1. Hi Whippet,

    Wow, no alcohol, no sugar, no real tea, no coffee, no meat, and cellulite, what do you have left to live for? May as well just get it all over with now girl! Save yourself the misery of a life without simple pleasures! 😉

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