Attack of the Ankle Biters

Rob & Kylie.jpgWell, I got back from Gabon last Wednesday after a blissfully uneventful trip and got right down to business with a big BBQ for the Prouse side of the family on Saturday.Rob has a number of sisters and cousins who all recently (within the last four years) have had children. On Saturday we played host to about 20 alduts and no less than six under 5’s. There were children EVERYWHERE, up trees, under tables, behind counters, they move so fast it felt like there were 20 not 5!!!

It was lovely to see them all, and they are an incredibly happy and well behaved bunch of children, not to mention good looking (although, maybe I am biased). We got out the paddling pool for them and they played nicely together all afternoon. Many, many photos were taken and it was hard to pick one shot to include in my blog, there were so many lovely ones. I am afraid the picture that also included my husband, Rob, won out in the end. The rest will be viewable in the next day or so on our photo album.

Thank you so much to everyone that came. People were very generous with the food they brought, their company and with helping to tidy up throughout the day and at the end. Oh, and Happy Birthday to Brandon again!!

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