So Rob and I decided to have a quiet night in with a bottle of plonk, a home cooked meal and a movie last night. In the absence of any furniture in the basement, we have been watching TV on Rob’s lap top which we plug into a surround sound speaker system in the upstairs lounge. Except last night when we fired up Rob’s PC to watch the Da Vinci Code, all we saw was a little flashing white cursor on a big black screen and nothing else……

After several attempts to re-boot it became obvious that it was not going to happen and then the horrible realization dawned (no, not that we couldn’t watch the Da Vinci Code), all of Rob’s freelance work, our photos and a lot of the records relating to our business were on that machine….and we hadn’t backed it up.

My first reaction is not publishable but it was pretty close to raw panic. If only we had paid the $500 for a back up server when we first talked about it. My second reaction was ‘oh, this reminds of that post on Guy Kawasaki’s blog‘ and then I thought again how maybe I should have taken his advice at the time instead of waiting for the worst to happen.

It’s now some 24 hours later. Rob stayed up most of last night and has been glued to his laptop all day. All of his data has been restored (thank the powers that be and Linux), although it will take him days to reinstall all the software onto his laptop that was wiped during it’s restoration. We have also decided that this was a little wake up call from the universe to say ‘erm, you guys are thinking of setting up in business, don’t you think you better take this stuff seriously?‘. I’m grateful for the lesson, although I can’t say the same for Rob who is starting to take root on the sofa..

So, read Guy Kawasaki’s advice, read mine and DON’T bank on third time lucky if you have important data that you’re not backing up….

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