Beware of Elephants

During the last week all the residents of our camp have been eating at a different camp whilst our restaurant gets a refurb. The change has been fun. Sometimes life here can get a bit monotonous because of the restricted access we have outside of our camp and the limitations on travelling after dark (i.e. 6.30pm), but we’ve all been allowed to drive at night this week and the change of scenary is welcome.

On Tuesday night I was driving back from the restaurant at about 7.30pm. There was no moon and it was pitch black. I noticed some cars coming in the opposite direction had stopped but didn’t really engage my brain as to why (duh!) until I almost drove straight into an elephant!

It’s a weird sight seeing an elephant silhouetted in your headlights, only 2 or 3 feet from your car. Fortunately, I wasn’t going very fast and he hadn’t quite crossed onto my side of the road but it was a close call. I won’t do it again.

Yet another first for me – life in Canada is going to seem a bit tame after this – I’ll have to take regular trips on Highway 400 at rush hour to get my kicks.

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