Born in a Barn?

toilet-door.jpgThe sign in the photo is apparently one from a toilet door in a large advertising company in London. It says ‘Beware of Oncoming Personnel’. It is posh advertising speak for ‘Watch out when you exit this door in case someone is coming in the opposite direction’. We could actually use something like this in Rabi, but for entirely different reasons…

Some background information:

  • I work in an environment that is entirely populated by males apart from myself and two other women who work in the field and so are rarely around. Mostly it’s just me as far as females go.
  • In our office we have two toilets in a small bathroom that are for co-ed use. Both bathrooms have doors.
  • I was under the impression that guys shut the door when they went into a toilet stall, even if it was for a ‘number 1’, as opposed to a ‘number 2’, if you get my drift..
  • I walk very quickly

You can see where this is going can’t you….?

This morning I swung into the nearest toilet cubicle in my usual dynamic manner and almost knocked the guy who was standing in there having a pee right into the toilet. I am not sure who was more surprised, me or him. really need to remember to shut the door….and whilst you are at it, do you think you could put the toilet seat down?

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