Absolutely Fabulous Movie Almost Here!

Absolutely Fabulous MovieAfter a long day on no sleep (dodgy oyster, don’t ask) I sat down to look at the news. Then BAAAAM! I discover that a US release date for the Absolutely Fabulous Movie has been set for July. Hurrah!!!

Absolutely Fabulous (or”Ab Fab”) represents a slice of 90’s UK culture that I hold dear. It reminds me of my early twenties. As with the sitcom, the movie is written by Jennifer Saunders of French and Saunders and Comic Strip fame. Ab Fab’s main characters are Eddy Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy Stone, her alcoholic, pill popping, side kick, (Joanna Lumley). Each show poked fun at their outrageous, booze fueled, lifestyle and slavish dedication to fashion.

Even 24 years ago Eddy and Patsy were, ahem, “past their prime”. Eddy’s plain but sensible daughter and potty mother constantly frustrated Patsy and Eddy’s champagne soaked capers. The show’s other star is Eddy’s hilarious personal assistant, Bubbles. Played by Jane Horrocks. I still laugh when I think of her impression of a fax machine in an early episode. If you’ve never seen the show, think of a British version of Sex in the City (tough, I know). Then imagine the characters trying to behave the way they did in the first series but now they are 20 years older, drink a lot more, and are considerably funnier. Got it? Well then, you are sort of half way there.

Ab Fab has this mix of slapstick and funny, fast-paced dialogue. I loved watching two older women, dressed like 17 year olds, behaving really badly. It wasn’t just me who found them appealing. An entire generation of TV watchers loved the show. Now, 24 years later, they seemed to have pulled it off again.

The Absolutely Fabulous movie is said to have more than 60 star cameos including Stella McCartney, Kate Moss, Joan Collins, Jerry Hall and Jeremy Paxman. Even better (in my opinion), it features 90 drag queens!! Based on the premise that Eddy and Joanna accidentally push Kate Moss off a balcony into the Thames at a party. To escape the paparazzi, they run, penniless, to the South of France.

Oh how my day just got so much better (darling!).