PB010001I am writing this from a wifi hotspot in terminal F, Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. It’s 8am, I’ll be boarding my flight to Toronto in an hour and a half. I am absolutely exhausted after the journey from Rabi. Stopping briefly in Libreville to take in a couple of celebratory gin and tonics on the way, I have now been travelling for 15 hours. I’ll be landing in Toronto with a bit of luck in about 10 hours.

Aside from the fact that I look (and probably smell) like a street urchin, a marked contrast to all the stylish French travellers swishing around the airport, I LOVE this part of the journey. I am heading in the right direction (i.e. home), it is a beautiful sunny morning in Paris, I am just about to have my first cafe latte in 4 weeks and I have an hour and a half to stare at all the gorgeous designer goodies in the duty free shops. I am way too tight fisted to buy anything (come on, 300 Euro for a pair of sunglasses – I don’t care if they are Gucci!!), but after total isolation from any of the material trappings of the western world, being surrounded by all these fabulous things makes me feel like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory.

Yippee homeward bound.

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