Christian, Ultra-Right Wing Crack-Pots

I think there is a growing sense of unease in the world with the particular brand of Christian, ultra-right wing, capital ‘C’, Conservatism that is becoming more and more pervasive in the US. Yes, that would be the ultra right wing Conservative politics that Bush is aligning himself with. But I suspect, much like myself, because most people outside of the US aren’t subjected to it on a regular basis, we don’t realize just how scary some of the views that are being peddled to an, already terrified, nation can be.

Take, as a perfect example, this article by Jim Rutz about soy food products at this link on the Conservative right wing website ‘World Net Daily’.

Eating too much soy, as it happens, is something that scientists have said may result in an increased risk of cancer in certain circumstances, although many women (including myself) report that it helps with the symptoms caused by a drop in estrogen levels. However, did you know that, by deciding to eat soy, according to the hallowed opinion if Jim Rutz, you are not just making a decision about your health.  No, no, no. You are making a RELIGIOUS and POLITICAL decision which may result in you becoming a SOCIAL AND SEXUAL DEVIANT.

Buy why? Well, according to Mr Rutz (who is neither a scientist, nor an expert on nutrition), soy causes ‘feminizing’ (and given the tone of the article, this is NOT A GOOD THING). In fact, guys, if you eat soy products, he says, it will not only result in a supression of your masculinity, cause your penis to shrink AND make you sexually confused it could, also, horror, of horrors, turn you into a HOMOSEXUAL!!!!!! In fact according to Jim, the rise in homosexuality  (what rise, I thought it had been around since the Roman times?) is actually the result of an increase in the consumption of soy products.

This article is so unbelievably wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to start. My first reaction was offense at the implication that somehow people who were feminine were sexually confused and weak. But that’s just my perspective. What is truly awful, and unfortunately all to common in these types of articles, is the mixing of real scientific findings with rhetorical religious bull shit (homosexuality is deviant) and all out scare-mongering (see the remark about how giving your baby soy milk can be fatal).

What’s equally disturbing, is this joker, Jim Rutz, has written a book called ‘The Meaning of Life’. The mind boggles.

Elsewhere on this webpage advertisements for the following products also appear:

A book called “Shooting Back – The Right and Duty of Self-Defense” (with a picture of the cross on the front)

A book called “Warning – Canada’s Revolution against faith, family and freedom threatens America” (They can’t possibly mean the Canada where I live?)

and, a T-shirt that displays the words (without a single hint of irony) “Re-defeat Communism”

Be scared. Be very, very, scared……


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