Last Friday I was having lunch with my friend Ruth. She is very well-read and is currently going to school to do her teaching qualification. I have absolutely no idea what we were talking about. However, if it was along the same lines as the usual topics we get in to, we were more than likely putting the world to rights. In the middle of this conversation with her, I got lost for words. You know that experience when you want to use a specific word and you know if you could just remember what it was, it would be perfect for what you are trying to say, but it just won’t come?

I knew that it began with a ‘d’ and that it described something that was left over, but that was all I could remember.

So, cut to now, almost exactly one week later (minus a few hours) and on an entirely different continent. I was sitting writing a work related e-mail this morning and all of a sudden the word I was looking for popped into my head.


I have no idea why I suddenly remembered it now, but I thought I would post the definition in case anyone reading this has a need to say it at some point in the near future (‘honey, can you please clean up the detritus in the back garden…’ etc).

Main Entry: de·tri·tus
Pronunciation: di-'trI-t&s
Function: noun
Etymology: French détritus, from Latin detritus, past participle of deterere
1 : loose material (as rock fragments or organic particles) that results directly from disintegration
2 : a product of disintegration, destruction, or wearing away :


The brain is a very weird thing. Well, mine is anyway…..! 


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