Don’ Gone Bought a Buddha

pict00391.JPGOn Sunday afternoon I was wrapping up work for the day here in Rabi, when I got a call from Rob. He was on his cell phone and he was driving back from Toronto. He sounded excited in that way that only someone who has just participated in a major shopping spree can sound. Now for me it would be because I had just bought a new pair of shoes, or a handbag. I don’t know what other people’s husbands spend money on, car stereos, tools? I once had a boyfriend who had the biggest collection of jackets I have ever seen, before or since.

But not my husband…no…he had just bought a Buddha – see right.

Apparently it has taken pride of place on the chest of draws in our bedroom. A space usually dedicated to photographic and computer magazines and Rob’s laundry – piled up and then left until it is about to topple over on to the floor, before it is finally put away. 

Initially I was a bit reticent about this new addition to our shared space. But given the fact that, out of respect, the surface it occupies will need to be kept clear of other items (including clean laundry and magazines), I am warming to the idea. In fact I am wondering if we don’t need a few other Buddha’s elsewhere around the house – the kitchen table, on top of the dishwasher and the coffee table for example..

2 thoughts on “Don’ Gone Bought a Buddha”

  1. The small Buddha on my desk isn’t keeping it clean, so I wouldn’t hold out too much hope for the dishwasher or kitchen table ;P

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