Don’t Forget the Jigsaw Puzzles and Crossbows

esar-2007.jpgI just read Rob’s race report on Team Wanderlust’s blog about the Emergency Services AR we competed in last week. It’s a great write up, but he missed two of the coolest bits about the race (apart from coming second in a field of racers from The Police, Military, Fire Service and Paramedics, which, if I say so myself, is quite cool). But he didn’t mention the jigsaw puzzle OR the crossbow!!

Half way through the first mountain bike leg, we had to get off our bikes, were handed a jigsaw puzzle of a scene from Walt Disney’s Cinderella and told that, as a team we had to complete it. With a thumping heart, a slightly race-crazed brain and a serious concern for my ability at jigsaw puzzles, we all sat down and started to work at it…and we were absolutely amazing. We worked so smoothly together, no-one getting in the other’s way, coordinating our efforts effectively and finishing the puzzle two teams ahead than when we entered that checkpoint.

The crossbow, though, has to be the highlight of my day.

I’ve never shot a gun, slingshot or even a bow and arrow, in my life. We rocked up to the final leg of the race, really tired and with very high heart rates (i.e. heaving chests) and were told that we couldn’t leave until every member of the team hit a a bulls eye with a cross bow. I groaned. I can’t hit the waste paper basket with a toilet roll from 3 feet away, never mind a bulls eye with an arrow. Rob on the other hand competed at a National Level in the sport of Biathlon (very weird sport in which you have to cross country ski and shoot at things with a rifle), so he had no concerns, and Tim has had enough of a strange past for me not to have any doubts about whether he has done the odd bit of target practice. But me, well, and under this kind of pressure….But I hit it!!! FIRST TIME!!! If we weren’t in a race, I’d have asked for another go. Shooting things is a lot of fun

I wonder what they’ll have us do in the 24hour race we are doing in July?

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