Drowning at Speed and Other Misadventures

Wakeboarding.jpgRob and I just got back from spending Friday night, Saturday and Sunday at a cottage on Jospeh Lake in Muskoka. It was a heavenly weekend.

There were twelve of us all together staying at a cottage that our friend’s Sue and Steve had rented for a month. They have that rare but wonderful quality in hosts – it didn’t seem like they were working very hard but the whole weekend ran like a Swiss Clock and the fantastic cocktails flowed (I love Sue’s mojitos). It was so much fun and the cottage itself is absolutely beautiful, complete with picnic area, fire pit, patio and a boat house and dock area just large enough for us all to sit and watch the world go by (not least the guy from the cottage on the opposite side of the lake ‘popping out’ in his float plane – to get milk and the morning papers no doubt).

Steve and Silvia bought their boat and all the related paraphanalia, so we had the chance to wake board as well as get towed at ridiculous speeds on a bouncing rubber donut around the lake. I was in stitches watching Rob fly backwards and forwards screaming his head off. I actually got up on the wake board, which is a first for me, although it took about ten goes and my right arm the next day felt like I’d been in a 24 hour Sumo wrestling marathon.

The weekend also gave me the opportunity to meet Randi’s new girlfriend, Robin. It materializes she is a huge fan of Monty Python and the Return of the Pink Panther and the two of us managed to get hysterical quoting our favourite lines from the various films. It’s amazing how funny ‘Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries. Now go away you silly English person’ sounds after the fourth time, and the tenth glass of red wine…

I’ve included a photo above of me wake boarding. Apart from the attractive grimace that comes from absolute concentration, I seem to have the same problem with this sport as I do with snow boarding….my bum. What the hell am I doing sticking it out at those precarious angles???? Oh well, I suppose the world would be a really boring place if we all looked super cool…..

One thought on “Drowning at Speed and Other Misadventures”

  1. Chicky…you ALWAYS look super cool. And the bum sticking out at precarious angles comes from the practice received at many a social event – LOL What I wouldn’t have paid to see that in person!! All you need is a can of Canadian in your hand to top off your citizenship.

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