Fast Food Franchise Hell

Well the weekend that has just passed was a great one to end my 28 days vacation with.

On Saturday Rob and I did our Imperial Century. I was a bit burnt out in the morning (I had already ridden 170km that week) and we kept asking each other, ‘are you sure you want to do this?’. Neither of us would actually admit that we couldn’t really be bothered and so off we went….We parked the car in Grimsby on top of the escarpment and cycled in a big rectangle from Grimsby to Port Colborne then through Lowbanks to Dunnville, back through Caisterville and then to Grimsby again.

At around 3pm we stopped for a late lunch in Dunnville. For some reason (I am not sure why) we were expecting a quaint little town where we could find a nice cafe to eat. Instead Dunnville turned out to be a bit of an armpit of a place. Unless we wanted to eat wings at the local sports bar, or god knows what at the strip joint, then guess what our choices were?? Why, KFC, Tim Hortons, Subway or McDonalds, of course!! How depressing. We had a Subway since that seemed the healthiest option and then got the hell out of there. Rob’s sandwich gave him the hiccups and I could here him going ‘hic…hic‘ in front of me for the next half an hour, even with the raging head wind!

It was an absolutely beautiful day and although we were fighting a bit of a head wind (well actually at times, a lot of a head wind) for the last 80km we finished feeling relatively fresh. It took us 5 hours 47 minutes. We were tired but rather pleased with ourselves. It isn’t a bad route, I’d recommend it since it is relatively flat and for the most part the scenary is interesting enough to keep your mind off your numb bum!

On Saturday night Rob and I did a very deserved bit of couch surfing and tried, unsuccessfully, to eat all the left overs in the fridge since we’d both be away the following week.

On Sunday morning I found out I had won the Salomon Women Will contest!! I was over the moon. Basically I had won a free entry to the next Frontier Adventure Race, and, with one other female winner would be racing on an all female team of three, captained by an elite female adventure racer. I had entered a couple of weeks before thinking that it would be an awesome experience, one, to race on an all woman team, but also to get the benefit of racing with an experienced racer (or, I should say ‘another experienced racer’, since Rob, who I usually race with, is very seasoned). Basically I had to write an explanation of why I should be chosen. I must have made myself sound quite good!

However (and here comes the bad news) the race date is June 17th…….Bugger! I realised I’d be in Africa. I had to write back explaining that I had mixed up my dates and that I couldn’t participate. I was a bit disappointed, but nonetheless thought it was interesting that I had written something that had inspired someone to think I was any good. I must try to remember what I said…

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