Fear of Flying and Why Bikes are Better than Men.

My friend Paula has started her own personal blog. It has pictures, her profile and her own views on life, love and the world. It has me howling it is so funny. Check it out at http://trigurl.spaces.msn.com/Default.aspx.

She has just bought a new road bike in advance of her participation in the Michigan Ironman in August and is VERY enamoured with it. So much so that she has written a list: ’10 Reasons Why Bikes are Better than Men’. Point number 4 is ‘Bikes can be ridden for as hard and as long as you want’. She cracks me up. I feel like I should put a disclaimer after that….(‘the views expressed on this blog’…etc etc)

Not changing the subject too radically, I am reading Erica Jong’s ‘Fear of Flying’ whilst I am here in Gabon. For those not aware of the book, it was written in the early 70’s and is a clever and insightful exploration into the complexity of relationships, desire, love, dependence and personal freedom. The protagonist is a smart, funny, young and confused female writer trying to make sense of the world and her reactions to it.

Many of the frustrations and conflicting emotions she describes resonate with my own experiences and those of most of my female friends. Had Erica Jong been a cyclist as well as a writer in the 70’s, she may well have included Paula’s point 4 in her book!!!

I would recommend the book to anyone, but especially to women who are contemplating the nature of their own relationship with the world….

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