Finally a new posting!!

Rob modelling my footspaOK, OK, I know, I have been terrible about updating my blog. So I am making a New Years Resolution to be better. Many thanks to anyone that has made a comment and to everyone that e-mailed me whilst I was away. I can’t possibly explain how nice it is to keep in touch.

To bring everyone up to date with where I am now, I came back from Gabon on November 30th and I’m flying out again on Sunday December 17th, which is in three days time. I am not quite sure where the last two weeks has gone but it has been fantastic to be back in spite of the -13C temperatures and the fact that the drivers side window of my Civic is stuck halfway up (I’ve been driving round with a ski hat and gloves on).

We had an amazing Xmas party at our house, complete with Blue Martinis!! Next day Paula and I managed to get up to participate in Burlington’s annual 5km Jingle Bell Jog dressed as ‘Santas Secret Service’ (sort of like a festive version of ‘Men In Black’ only we’re women and we were wearing Santa hats with our mirrored sunglasses). Click here for a very attractive ‘rear end shot’ of the two of us in action…..

Rob and I are doing the ‘five days of Xmas’ leading up to when I go away. As a result I am the proud owner of a Conair Deluxe Foot Spa, an item that I have always wanted. I am enjoying the benefits as I write. I have included a picture of Rob modelling the very same, above. In return Rob so far has received two books on photography and a Diesel shirt that is too small. Can anyone answer the question ‘Why are men so hard to buy Xmas gifts for?’???????

Today we are off to Ellicotville in NY to do some skiing for a couple of days and will be back in time to go to Dave and Lisa’s Xmas party on Saturday night. I have enlisted the help of a personal coach to keep up my fitness levels so I can still compete throughout the year and the next big race will be the Round The Bay 30km in March. Cold, hilly and long…..LOVE IT….. and now I have written it on my blog, there is no welshing out at the last minute.

So, there, I have done, it, updated my blog, it feels good. Watch this space for more updates once I get back to Africa. I hear Xmas there can get pretty interesting…..

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