IMG_1623A friend at work just had his second daughter, Adriana. Having never tried knitting baby clothes before (I always take on large and ambitious projects that take me years to finish) I thought I’d have a go. This kimono was knitted as one piece and then I did the flowers and the I-cord afterwards (two new skills I learned when doing this). I got the pattern free from Ravelry (a great resource for anyone who knits), it was very easy and I have enjoyed knitting something that took four weeks to make instead of two years!

2 thoughts on “Finished!”

  1. So cute! Glad to see there is some good knitting going on at the chalet :)I just finished a bonnet and am working on some booties. I should post photos … somehow I haven’t really gotten around to publishing my inner granny-ness on the blog yet!

  2. That’s adorable. There’s no inner granny or knitting talent in me (yet), but I’m enjoying being astonished at the diversity of your talents. And a flamenco dancer too!

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