First Day

So today has become Official Self Employment Day for me. Rob left for work at his usual time and I went down to my office in the basement to begin working on Qube Communications.

It was an odd feeling, but not nearly as terrifying as I had expected. Rob couldn’t come home at lunch (as he usually does) and so I was alone in the house all day. I managed to fend off the desire to eat a whole pack of Jacobs Cream Crackers, drink twelve cups of tea and peruse the internet for articles on hypoallergenic dogs and actually had quite a productive day.

On another note I picked up a teaching job this evening – my spin instructor asked me if I wanted to teach a couple of his classes. So, I suppose if all else fails, I could become a fitness instructor…although I do wonder about my potential, as I am not a fan of guitar-based rock and it seems to be absolutely mandatory to have at least one ‘classic’ in each spin class (‘I Can Feel It Coming In the Air Tonight’, ‘Born to be Wild’, anything by Dire Straits… you get the picture).

One thought on “First Day”

  1. Sounds like a great first day. I know things will move for you and am excited for the future of Qube! Meant to email on Monday, but time ran away…

    Love and positive thoughts to you in your new endeavour!

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