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This time last week (it has been a crazy one) Rob, and I got up at 6am on a Sunday. It was one of those mornings when you hear the wind and the rain lashing against the window and think that it would be much wiser to stay in bed. Dave dropped Mari off at our place and took the dogs and then Rob, Mari and I drove 1.5 hours north of Toronto to Dufferin County for a mountain biking event.

I think if this had been just any event we would have all stayed in bed, but this had been organized as a fundraiser for the family of a fellow Hamilton cyclist (Steve Reynolds) who recently died in his late forties after a brief but brutal battle with cancer, leaving a wife and two daughters behind. As we drove further north the skies cleared and the sun came out and we experienced one of those beautiful autumnal mornings that make you glad to be alive (if a little chilly).

About 40 people turned up for the ride which was to be an all abilities 40km jaunt through the forests around Dufferin County with a stop for lunch. Afterwards we joined family members and non-riders at Steve’s brother’s farm for an amazing meal (a relation of the family has a catering company and the food was incredible), a few beers, a silent auction and then, the highlight of the evening, a private performance by the Flamenco guitarist Jesse Cooke who apparently lives just round the corner. All hosted on a beautiful property surrounded by forest.

Although I wasn’t close to Steve I felt privileged to be a part of the event. The speed with which the cycling community pulled it together, the atmosphere during the ride, and then the live music made it a day to remember.


Rob  and Mari getting ready for the day. It was a cold start so we were grabbing as many layers as we could.





Hugh Black from True North (the guy that made our bikes) was there. He donated a bike to the silent auction. Results to be announced in November!


Below left – Rob with dogs and beer, what more could a man want? Below right, Mari and I showing Jesse Cooke what great flamenco dancers we could be.

IMG_1578 IMG_1589

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