Gabonese National Day and a Big Commitment

Gabonese National Day was on Thursday. We had a free bar, an early finish to our working day at noon andP7270001.JPG a live band, with two dancing girls (who never cease to amaze me with the way they can move their butts…). It was fun.The booze was flowing, I had a bit of a dance and a great meal in the restaurant.

Earlier on in the day Sodexho did a surprise presentation to Gordon to say thank you for all his support. They gave him a huge ebony statue of a woman with an enormous pair of knockers. Looking at her she MUST be some kind of symbol for fertility. Either that or the benefits of breast feeding (then again, are they mutually exclusive?) was a very thoughtful gift and their speech was genuinely heartfelt. Gordon will be missed.

Earlier on in the day I took Bonnie back to the medic for a check up and he reset her leg. Poor little thing was in agony and I thought at one point (when I was holding her down) that I was going to lose a thumb. For the most part she was really brave. But you can guess what is coming next though, can’t you…Yep. She was back in my office and stayed the night in my room. She was in so much pain, I couldn’t send her back to the yard where her brother would jump all over her and no doubt aggravate an already uncomfortable situation.

She got considerably more perky as the afternoon wore on and then even more so that evening. So whilst I should have been sleeping off the red wine I drank that night in the bar (not to mention the 2.5 hours of exercise I was able to do in the gym because we had an early finish) I was getting up every two hours to let the dog out of my room. Yesterday was an unpleasant day to say the least. I shall not go into details.

So, they say every experience has a lesson, and here’s mine. Anyone who knows me will know that I have an odd relationship with alcohol. I wouldn’t say I was an alcoholic because I don’t think about drinking most of the time. It’s just when I start, I am not a very good judge of when to stop, and my ‘ideal stopping threshold’ (the one ignore) is much, much lower than everyone else’s given my size (I am somewhere around the 110lbs mark) and the way my body processes sugar. So I knew I was in trouble before I even started drinking on Thursday afternoon. I knew the dog would keep me up all night. I knew that I was dehydrated from the gym. I did it anyway. How weird is that?

I have been reading a blog that Rob found at about personal development. One of the things he suggested is to take a 30 day trial of whatever it is you think you want to do to personally develop. It doesn’t represent a total life change, it just represents a commitment to ‘try it and see’. So here’s my commitment. As of today, Saturday 19th August, I am not going to drink alcohol for 30 days. There I’ve said it. I’ll report on my progress. It will honestly be a first for me and it will be good for me to prove to myself that I can do it.

Apologies to everyone for the picture. I took these of Rob’s old Birkenstocks (basically the only footware he uses in the summer) before I left. We went shopping to buy him new ones because, well, these are falling apart, and the picture reminds me of him, and the fun we had shopping for new shoes for him….


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