Good Bye to the Vanagon (well, we think)

Yes. It is a sad day indeed, but we have decided to put our wonderful Westfalia on the market.Westvalia.jpg It’s in Autotrader, back where we found it in the Fall of 2002.

The decision to sell was a difficult one. However, with me being in Africa six months of the year, Rob has been using my Civic when I am away and so the poor van is sitting on the driveway rarely being used.

We will have awesome memories of it. The most notable being the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, I think, when we drove her across the US to Nevada and lived in her for a week in the desert. But she has also taken us safely to and from many mountain biking competitions, adventure races and just plain old camping trips. We have even slept in her overnight parked on the street in Toronto after a friend’s party and in the car park of a pub in Hamilton when neither Rob nor I wanted to be the designated driver.

 As yet we have received no calls, which I am surprised about, as Rob practically had to fight off three other buyers when we purchased her. Perhaps it is a sign of the times and people are less willing to buy older cars because of the price of gas, which is now over $1 Canadian a litre. Who knows. I hope she goes to a home that has as many adventures in her as we did.

To compensate us for this major loss, Rob and are going to take motorcycle lessons and buy an entry-level scooter as a run about for when I am home.  I used to own a Vespa when I lived in London and so I am quite excited about the prospect. We haven’t quite worked out what we will do in the winter months, but since those are getting less and less severe (now I really have tempted fate) we are wondering if the scooter may not be completely out of the question…


2 thoughts on “Good Bye to the Vanagon (well, we think)”

  1. The posting of the Westfalia on Auto Trader was a sad, sad day indeed…a moment of silence please!! When you get back we should have a party in the “David Van” before it finds a new, GOOD home. It will need a proper send off.

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