Googling Yourself

This post was written on my last day before I left Gabon, but I forgot to publish it, so it all out of chronological order with the others. But I figured what the hell…it has the word ‘porn’ in it, you can’t miss an opportunity to publish that on the internet.

Googling yourself. Ever done it? Well, as I wait for the plane to arrive to start me on my journey home I did this morning.

By the way, before I get started, Rob called me at 11pm last night and he is fine. I am very happy! Strangely enough though he had a similar experience whilst he was away. One of his friends wives is battling cancer and it also got him thinking.

Anyway back to the present and I am Googling myself and Rob. Googling before you ask is not some weird cricketing term (although I do believe there is something to do with googling in the game) but is in fact the vain and self obssessive act of searching for references to yourself on the internet. I come up number 1,2, 3 and 6 on a search and Rob comes up 1,2,4 and his Grandfather comes up number 5. But what is more interesting is that at number 10 is a PORN STAR called ‘Juliette Le Prouse’. Now how exotic is that?? I wonder how one goes about adding French prepositions to one’s name?

One thought on “Googling Yourself”

  1. After reading this, I wonder if there might be some truth to the “Joke for the Weekend” blog. Hmmmmmmmmm??? Although I am NOT googling it to make sure!

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