Great Weekend

P to A 2007bSo, all the excitement was absolutely worth it. We had temperatures into the 20’s for the Paris to Ancaster race and everyone (with the exception of Dave, more about that later) had a great race.

Right, is a picture of me with (l-r), Lisa, Tecla and Sue (in front), all doing the P to A for the first time, and all doing incredibly well. Not only did they all bring home respectable times on an event where we saw plenty of big, burly, men collapse in wobbling heaps from heat exhaustion, frustration and general pain, but they also made it to ours afterwards for a BBQ and a few beers. Role on the next race…

Not in the picture is Debbie, who came 1st in her category, Carl, who came 80th overall in a field of 2000 people, which included Olympic cyclists and Professional racers, Helen, who came third in her category, Wayne who came 7th and Rob, who lept straight off the couch (where he has been firmly planted all winter), onto his bike and came in 18th in his category.

Dave, who still did a respectable time, had an encounter with an over-zealous female rider, who apparently did not understand the meaning of “Get out the Bloody Way” at 45km per hour, and was involved in a huge pile up. He really is quite hurt, and we hope that it has not ruined the Ontario Cup season that he has trained so hard for all winter, whilst the rest of us have been drinking too much and eating lard.

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