Happy Valentines Day Rob

Rob, in case anyone reading this hadn’t figured it out yet, is my husband of six years (the anniversary of us moving in together for the first time in Japan is today). He is the original strong, silent character behind my, not very silent, and, sometimes strong, personality.

He has many fine qualities, and I continue to learn about this person who I met and married within the space of 3 months. What never ceases to amaze me is his ability to face adversity with equanimity and calm. He is the person when my self confidence fails me (and I am pretty convincing when I get going), that makes me see sense. There have been a number of moments in Qube’s short history to date, where I have started to freak out about money, my responsibility to other people and our ability to simply deliver what we say we can, when he has just sat me down and talked straight to me. It’s the side of me that, fortunately, most other people will never see but it ain’t pretty and it’s hard to be around.

Rob is out in the snow as I write. It is coming down at the rate of a foot an hour and he is shoveling the driveway so he can get to work. It’s taken him 45 minutes to clear a path wide enough for the van to get out. He hasn’t got frustrated, he hasn’t complained. He even backed my car up before he left to a spot on the driveway where I would be able to get at it.

How does someone get to be that laid back?

The last year has been a tough one for us. Being apart so frequently took it’s toll on both of us, but we’re back together now and making changes to arrange our lives the way we have always wanted them to be.

So Rob, thank you for being my husband and my rock. Thank you for always being there and for seeing things in me that I sometimes struggle to see for myself. And, finally, thank you for looking so damn hot in a pair of cycling shorts…I love you xx.

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