The time has shot by, we’ve really enjoyed our stay, but it’s count down time for Rob and I saying ‘goodbye’ to the UK and heading off home to start 2007 in Canada.

Our time with my family has been great. We are a normal family and in no way sentimental, so there are times when all of us have had to grit our teeth or take a deep breath at something that has been done or said by another member. I know that goes for Mum and Dad as much as it does for us ‘kids’. However, it is about this time in every visit, usually 48 hours before we are due to go, when my heart starts to break. A big lump starts to develop in my throat that grows over the course of the following day and ends up choking me by the time we get to Manchester Airport Departures lounge. My Mum and I will wail at each other like screaming banshees until we can’t see each other anymore through security and I will sob most of the flight home. I am sure Rob is glad that he flying home on a different airline.

Words really can’t describe how much I love my family or how much it hurts to leave them – but I suppose that’s what being a grown up and leaving home is all about.

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  1. Hello love

    A bit late with this posting (I did try not long after you wrote it back in January but no joy). My eyes filled up when I read your blog because you described exactly how I felt too – parting is so painful and I don’t think I will ever get used to it however many times we say goodbye, but offset by that is the fact that we made the most of our time together, and no-one can take that away from us. Your dad and I so enjoyed having you Rob and all the family together and will keep the memories of that until we are together again.

    Take care of yourself and we wish you all the luck in the world with your new business venture, we’ll be watching with interest.

    All our love

    Mum and Dad xx

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