Hello World

When you start a new WordPress blog the default title given is “Hello World”. I feel this is appropriate and reserve the right to blatantly jabber on about myself in this first post after a very long time away from posting. Smiley Face

I have just ended my first week back at work after taking unpaid leave during the summer to complete five of the remaining six courses left to attain my MBA. I loved every minute of it and I’m lucky to have a boss and a husband prepared to take the hit while I played full-time student.

I’ve been doing the MBA program part-time since January 2009, two courses per semester while I’ve been working. I didn’t anticipate that adding an extra three courses when not working would require much additional effort. I was going to repaint the bathroom, landscape the back garden, rekindle relationships with friends I have neglected during the last two years and write regular, witty and insightful entries for this blog.

I had not considered that the summer term is only three, not four, months long (as with the fall and winter terms), that I would be taking Corporate Finance, a required course and the hardest and most contentious in the program, or that when you add in at least three extra doses of group work (a component of almost every MBA course), the increase in time required is exponential, not linear (read: even more people to try to motivate or compensate for). It was intense, very intense.

I think I went a bit squirrelly in the last couple of weeks. Sorry about that to all who encountered me during that time. I also found my first three grey hairs (NOTE: my hairdresser said if you pull them out, they will come back frizzy – oh dear).

Now, however, it is over (and I can’t complain about the results I got for my efforts). But for one glorious month before September begins, I have time to write, read things other than text books, knit, walk the dogs at a leisurely pace, cook and hang out. Hello world! Problem is, I have sort of forgotten how to do it. Hang out, I mean. Hence the reason why I am sitting at my computer at 6.30am on a Saturday morning, writing; I already cleaned the fridge, walked the dogs and made a shopping list. The dogs went back to bed.

Oh well, with only one course left to do in September I am hoping that these blog entries will become more frequent, and I’ll remember how to hang out again. I promise that future posts won’t all be about me. I know, I’m not that interesting.

2 thoughts on “Hello World”

  1. If all the world were as uninteresting as Juiette’s navel gazing the adrenal glands could not contain their excitement. I love the surprises and insights on your blog, hope you keep writing.
    Should you want to hang in Chelsea for a bit there’s always space. And there are kids to walk after the dogs run out of steam.
    Cheers, Sharlene

  2. Great to hear an update and CONGRATULATIONS for finishing your courses and for all your hard work. One more in September will be a easy after all you’ve been through and then you’re finished. Keep writing about yourself and your opinions and interests. You’re inspirational.

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