Hobbit House

Woodland House

No – it isn’t a Hobbit House really, it’s a human home. Built recently in Wales for a mere three thousand pounds (about $7,000 Canadian) by a family who wanted a home that caused the minimum of environmental impact and the maximum ‘reciprocation’ (in other words, the most effective use of the natural features of the land upon which it was built). The guy who built it had barely any money, no previous construction experience and no specialized tools.Woodland House2

Check out his site. There are more pictures of the house, the plans and some interesting thoughts on sustainable living.

I think this house is absolutely beautiful and it is only the first in possiby 10 or more homes which will become South Pembrokshire’s (SW Wales) first sustainable community, built according to strict environmental best practise.

I wonder if it would stand up to the Canadian winter? I am going to find out more..

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  1. This house looks so cozy! I saw a show in the past about homes made out of old tires (instead of going to the dump) and pop/beer cans. They are called “earthships”. They are totally self contained, run by solar power and all the water that goes down any drain is recycled back and used accordingly. They have indoor greenhouses, so they have a garden all year long. The “R” factor of the tires is higher than any insulation used today {I forget the exact ratio), so they would hold up to Canadian winters. The interior walls are made from the cans and covered by some sort of plaster. The shapes of these homes can be whatever you want because you can lay the tires and cans however you want. I have always thought they were beautiful homes. Their website is earthships.com and if you google “Homes made of tires” there are many articles written about people who have built these homes. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. How very beautiful! I’ve been dreaming of living in a hobbit house since the 1970’s when Mother Earth News had an article about earth sheltered homes. I also am a fan of cave homes, such as the opal caves in Australia. Of course I am totally in awe of Bag End in Lord Of The Rings and watch the beginning of The Fellowship time and time again, soaking up the smallest details. If they can indeed be this inexpensive, perhaps there might be one in my future after all.

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