Home Sweet Home

I’ve been back in Canada for a week. The journey home was quite eventful. I witnessed the French airport security blow up someone’s luggage. The errant suitcase owner had foolishly left it unattended at Charles De Gaulle and ‘BOOM’ (or should I say ‘LE BOOM’?) it was history. Good to know that security is being taken seriously in France…
I am now a fully fledged Canadian citizen, having taken my oath on Tuesday. The ceremony was a very solemn one and I could not help getting the feeling that I was being a bit of a fraud by being there. There were people in attendance from Iran, China, Pakistan, Roumania and Bosnia to name but a few. Many of whom have, no doubt, had a much tougher time getting citizenship than myself and the emotion that they showed during the ceremony made that very apparent.

In sharp contrast, I have left one rather benign, western, democractic country (the UK, for those not aware of my cultural heritage), for another one and the main motivation for me getting a Canadian passport is to avoid the hassle at the Canadian/US border when we go south on our various road trips (Oh yes, Mr Blair, all that ass kissing has done us British citizens no good at all as far as the US Dept. of Home Land Security is concerned).

The judge got a bit confused by my name thinking that I must be French (happens all the time, darling) but I blew that whole thing as soon as I opened my mouth. However, there was a woman there from NY, so I suspect I wasn’t the only one who’d had an easy time of it, since she didn’t even have to change continents to get here….

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  1. Congratulations love on your Canadian citizenship, hopefully there will be less hassle now at the various borders you go through! I must confess I had mixed feelings when I read about your citizenship, for a moment, you seemed even further away from us, but soon pulled myself together – as you quite rightly indicate, it’s a means to an end, and not for the first time have you been in possession of two passports!!!!! Lots of love

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