I did have a post here that made sarcastic comments about certain members oif my husbands family. It was directed only at a couple of pople who have been a source of hurt feelings and frustration and was written in the heat of the moment. But I would like to make it clear that for the most part my husbands family  have made me feel very welcome and are a carng and fun bunch of people and to them I did not intend any offence.

2 thoughts on “Apologies”

  1. Hi Juliette,

    Just read your blog. I’m truly sorry you decided to make this a public writing, that is a private family matter. I’m also truly sorry you have not felt welcome in our family. I know I truly love you and have always enjoyed you as a wonderful woman and a compassionate sister-in-law. Unfortunately, life [and people] cause distress, misunderstandings and turmoil – I only hope all can be worked out among everyone and apologies can be made where appropriate, so all involved can move on and we can ALL love each other as a family SHOULD. Life is too short for people to be insensitive, so lets grow up folks and treat Juliette with some LOVE and CARE! WE LOVE YOU JULIETTE! WE’RE SORRY WE HAVE NOT TREATED YOU WITH MORE COMPASSION. TRULY I AM SORRY – LOVE YOU.

    Lori Pelletier

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