Huge Snowflake!

Snowflake 300um LTSEM, 13368I have been home two days now and am still a little bit jet lagged. I started out on Thursday by waking up ready for breakfast at 3am, but each day my body clock shifts exactly one hour closer to Canadian time, so this morning it was 5am on the button.

I don’t mind getting up early in the morning so much. I do a bit of yoga, surf the internet or join the crazy commuters that go to the swimming pool at 5am in the morning for an early work out. I turned up at the YMCA on Monday morning to be told that the pool would be delayed in opening by an hour because there had been a ‘fouling’ the night before. Not sure what that means, but I’ve opted to swim elsewhere for the last couple of days!

It’s Saturday morning and after a whole day without internet access (our router went down), I am making up for lost time.

A contributor to the social news website Digg, posted this image of a snowflake magnified by 300 UM (don’t know what UM are) from Wikepedia, (the free internet encyclopedia) and I heard about it when I was listening to a diggnation podcast last week. (diggnation is a weekly round up in a podcast format of all the best stories submitted to Digg for the previous few days, I listen to it a lot when I am in Gabon).

Check out the full sized picture, it’s amazing how something so delicate in appearance, can look so different when it is maginified. I think it looks like a bar bell, or maybe a huge industrial sized bolt. But it definitely doesn’t look like a snowflake!

One thought on “Huge Snowflake!”

  1. Hi Juliette – Thanks for the nice note you sent previously. This posting reminded me of a book I read earlier this year. Check out “Hidden Messages in Water” by a Japanese author (can’t remember his name). It is, to me, a sensible look at snowflakes and frozen water, etc. The pictures are amazing, but the text is what still remember.
    (Used just my first name here as I wondered about the world checking my name in the computer and coming up with the comments I made on your site. Also, how does our e-mail and my name come up automatically when I send a comment from my work? Can everyone read my comments?)
    “The Party” is one of my favourite movies – and your quote is one Terry uses often!
    Take care – glad you’re going to be back permanently soon.

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