Injured Elephant

The guys in the field spotted the elephant yesterday afternoonInjured Elephant.JPG wondering around our Toucan production facility, in the north of the Rabi field. The poor animal has some wire wrapped around it’s leg and was limping badly. It is also missing an eye and had a bullet hole in it’s back, behind it’s ear. I didn’t see it myself but apparently it had been injured in an attempt to capture it (it has big tusks as you can see and even though it is highly illegal here to sell ivory, there is still a black market for it). It was using it’s trunk like a walking stick. I am glad I didn’t see it.

We are hoping to be able to get the WWF people in from Gamba. They have a dart gun and if they can put it to sleep will be able to take the wire off it’s leg and give it a better chance of survival.


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