Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

PB050011It’s great to be back in Canada and the weather God’s graced us with a gorgeous weekend for my first one back. On Sunday we were able to mountain bike in the morning and then in the afternoon I was dragged, somewhat reluctantly, to the climbing gym.

However, it was well worth suffering with an aching back and arms for the next three days just to see Rob and Tim climb ‘Look at my hairy butt’ or to the rest of the world, the overhanging route. It is basically the route in the gym that separates the men from the boys and ends up with the climber navigating five or six challenging moves whilst hanging upside down from the ceiling. So, no, the picture above is not one that I have ineptly loaded the wrong way round, it really is Rob climbing upside down. If it was up to me I could have come up with a much more appropriate name for the route, but it probably wouldn’t be fit to be published..

I stood about casually admitting to being married to the person scuttling across the roof, secretly hoping that some of the kudos would rub off on me (and make up for my woeful lack of climbing ability) before Rob eventually fell off into thin air. The very thought of that fall makes me want vomit.

On Sunday night we rented ‘The Party’ an old Peter Sellers movie. It is absolutely hilarious, and not just because of the strange 70’s style dancing. Peter Sellers knocks Tom Hanks character in ‘The Airport’ into a cocked hat. All I can say is ‘Birdie Num, Num’. You should see it, it’s great.

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