Is it really 5 months since I last wrote?

Family with Baby 3.jpgYikes, time flies when you’re having fun. I apologise to anyone who still bothers to look at my blog for not having updated it sooner. To find out what we have been up to in the five months since I last wrote, check out In a nut shell it has involved renovating our basement, visiting friends in beautiful Bagneres in the French Pyrenees, a few days in Paris and then the start of the cycling season in Canada.

I am in Rabi at the moment with one more metric week (a silly way of saying ’10 days’) to go before heading back to my home and my husband. This trip has been great. I have some awesome elephant pictures, which, needless to say I have no idea how to link to this blog, but will try my best. The baby in the picture is only about a week old. They are magical animals to watch.

It is rainy season here and the weather is absolutely glorious in the mornings and then we have huge storms for about an hour or so each afternoon. Very dramatic and utterly devastating to any piece of building that has a minor leak or is in need of a bit of maintenance. It is a constant battle against the elements to keep things ship-shape at this time of year.

Since my last blog, Rob and I had the pleasure of having dinner with two friends of ours, Jeff and Chrisite. Big news, not only because they make a great turkey dinner, but also because they can claim the honour of having given us our first exposure to the idea of the Transrockies Mountain Bike Race. It is a 600km epic through the rockies in Alberta and is staged over 7 days. It is held each year in August and, although there are concerns every year whether it will take place, Rob and I have decided that if the 2007 race goes ahead, we’re doing it…..check out the website at 

Rob celebrated the decision by going out and buying a $4,000 road bike to train on (well nothing focuses the mind like a new toy!) and we both have drawn up a plan of which endurance events we need to do this year to prepare mentally and physically to train for such a long race. So, to anyone who is interested, here’s the rough schedule for summer 2006. There will no doubt be other events and rides in between, but at least we have something to aim for at the moment:

June 10th – Imperial Century Road Ride

Mid July – Double Imperial Century

August 5th – 12 hour adventure race

September 30th – 8 hour solo Mountain Bike Race 

 To me this has meant that I need to haul my butt onto a stationery bike 5 times a week whilst I am in Rabi. It is NOT fun, but it has meant that I have been exploring the world of podcasts so that I have something to listen to whilst I am watching the sweat drip off the end of my nose. Mainly I have been listening to A podcast for endurance atheletes and adventure racers. The interviews are in handy 15 minute slots and offer inspiration as I am grinding out the kilometres. I can’t wait to get on a real bike! I’ll write updates about our success at each of these events as I go along.

Well, my wonderful parents have just finished renovating my flat in Brixton, UK after the previous tenants vacated following a litany of complaints by the poor, long-suffering, neighbours. Major thanks to Mum and Dad and, if anyone knows anyone who is looking for a beautiful little one bed flat in sunny South London, check out search on postcode using SW2 - Mine is the one under the ‘Wingford Road’ heading.

 Well, I think I have written enough for one post. Hope whoever is reading this is happy and healthy. I do read comments so please feel free to add them.


2 thoughts on “Is it really 5 months since I last wrote?”

  1. Great to hear from you and the fantastic plans you have. Hoping to attend your BBQ on July 15 – will be on vacation time but not sure what we’re doing. Have told Nikki but Stacee’s in Florida for a week. Will get back to Rob. Thanks (a bit late) for the great cookies you/Rob gave us for Christmas. They were very tasty – thanks so much for thinking of us! I check your web site regularly and it’s nice to hear your news. Looking forward to seeing you both.
    Love, Lynne & Terry

  2. Hi love, great to hear you’re up and running with your blog again – you’d be surprised how many people take a peek in the UK! What a busy year you’ll be having, but very glad you’ll both be sharing the Christmas celebrations with us this year – can’t wait! Enjoy your 4 weeks off in Canada with Rob and look forward to catching up really soon. Lots of love Mum and Dad xx

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