It Takes All Sorts

There has been a dearth, I know, of postings this last week. I have been quite wrapped up with Qube and coping with the challenges of working for myself. It really is a whole different ball game to working for someone else (I know, I am a master of stating the obvious). One thing is actually knowing when to stop. But also how to prioritize, how to organize and store all this information that gets flung at you – you know it’s important, but what to do with it?

Anyway, the point of this post was actually to talk about a particular call I made yesterday. I was cold calling to introduce Qube’s services to some businesses that I thought ought to fall within Qube’s target market (and there’s a whole other area that just seems like so much smoke and mirrors), when I got through to a company who……….. get this………………. makes viruses for chemical warfare. I almost burst out laughing and said ‘oh! ha, ha! very funny’. But then I realized this guy was being serious.

He sells to a market of one – the Canadian Government, and when I asked him whether he did any business with the US he told me that after Bush announced war on Iraq, a whole raft of organizations in the US popped up specifically to service that market. I think the number he quoted was $32 billion US dollars. It’s not very often I am lost for words, but I did pause for a moment at that point.

Apparently the problem with the deathly viruses industry is that there just aren’t enough people in the market for them (sucks, eh?) and so this company was thinking about ways in which they could use their expertise to expand into other markets. I mean, like what, dog shampoo??

Anyway, I guess I knew that these types of industries existed, I was just surprised to learn that they operated so close to home and that, when asked, the owner of the company would volunteer the information so readily. It’s a shame they didn’t go for a Qube calling campaign as I thought cold calling terrorist death squads and para military organizations to find out what influences their buying decisions when purchasing anthrax might have been fun.

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