Letting the Cat out of the Bag

qube.gifI have now told pretty much everyone I wanted to in person, with the exception of a few people who I won’t see for a while, so I think it is safe to mention my plans here on this blog without upsetting anyone (which I lately am proving to have been given a natural born talent for, but that is a whole other story).

This will be one of my last hitches working in Gabon. I have been here just over a year and it has been one hell of an experience. Apart from the obvious benefits of experiencing a new continent, hearing a new language, getting work experience with a different company, seeing all the exotic animals etc, there have been many other opportunities for personal growth that I am really grateful to have had.

I have remembered what it feels like to be an individual and not just one half of a couple. The solitude has given me time to explore the things that I have always enjoyed but somehow forgot in the daily hustle of the 9-5 world I occupied before. I have learnt how (or at least tried) to cope with difficult characters when I haven’t just been able to walk away. I have worked through how to be happy with my own values and at the same time be accepting of other peoples’ (try it, it’s harder than you think) and I have been made incredibly thankful for the life I have at home – there is nothing like going away to make you appreciate what you have. So all in all I am ecstatic to have had the chance to work out here.

HOWEVER. My leave in Burlington after each working rotation has given me plenty of time to realise how much I love and miss my house, my friends, the sports I do, not to mention my husband. So I have been giving some serious thought to what I can do that will allow me some degree of flexibility (such as I have on my 28 days leave at the moment) but which will also provide us with enough income to maintain a similar life style to the one we have now. The only solution I could think of was to work for myself.

Enter, to huge fanfares and much celebration, the concept of Qube Communications. Qube is Rob’s and my baby. Essentially myself and two other women, are going to be offering outbound (and inbound, eventually) business to business calling and telemarketing services. So, we will be a high end call centre for business products or services that take a bit more than someone reading from a script to describe. If a company wants to fill it’s sales lead pipeline, execute a lead generation campaign, or get it’s sales people appointments with new potential customers, we are aiming to be the telephone foot soldiers for their first line of attack. Check out our website.

I also now have a business blog. I decided to develop a business blog to share some of the information that I have been reading about with other people that might be interested. Both Rob and I have been doing a lot of research on entrepreneurship, bootstrapping, and small business ownership and I have always read a lot about telemarketing and cold calling since I worked at Robert Half. I am very proud of both sights. Rob has done all the web development and we have put the content together entirely by ourselves.

So, I return to Canada on Wednesday 1st November and then I’m back in Gabon for a final 3 weeks before flying to the UK for 10 days over Xmas, then, after that, it is all systems Qube.

I am terrified of failing, terrified of losing my shirt (or worse, our house), my credibility, my self confidence. But this is something that I have always wanted to do, and the early feedback we have received so far has been positive. Being terrified of something has never stopped me before and I have made an arse of myself enough times to know how to deal with that too if it happens.

So keep your fingers crossed for us, and if you know anyone in the market for some high end lead generating services…send ’em my way!!

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