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Ice climbing

This post is being written from the bottom of large pile of fleece. I am still trying to get warm after this morning’s 15km run in a howling wind and minus 10 degree temperatures, the snot freezing in horizontal strands as it was whipped by the wind from my nostrils.

I am not the only one in my household behaving as if they are a little touched this weekend.

Rob has taken up ice climbing again.

If you don’t know what ice climbing actually involves, imagine trying to climb up a frozen waterfall where the only methods of propulsion are the pick axes you are holding in each hand and the spikey things on the end of your toes.

If you aren’t one of those people who immediately thinks ‘wow, how cool’, I wouldn’t waste any more energy trying to understand why someone would want to do it. I have tried and continue to draw a blank. It’s freezing, it seems ridiculously dangerous and it involves more than acceptable levels of bruising to your hands and feet. The pictures are pretty though. You can see more of them in our on line gallery at this link.

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