Major Catch Up

Well, I know that at least some people read my blog, given the fact that one or two people have noticed that there’s not been much activity on it in the last few weeks. With the weather turning nice almost overnight, we have jumped into Spring with a vengeance and are spending a lot of time outside. I have netted three major races already, starting with the Paris to Ancaster. (The link to more photos of the Paris to Ancaster are here, thanks to Jeff G for the link).

The next two races in the last two weeks have been short course adventure races. The first was The Huntsville Solomon Adventure Challenge in Muskoka, with our all female team “Team Wonderlegs” and then last weekend was the Trek, Storm the Trent at Rice Lake near Peterborough. I raced as one half of a a two person team (myself and a friend) called “Team Wonderbra”.

The Huntsville race was an absolute epic, and I loved it. We were out for ten hours, and, thanks to the combined efforts of our awesome team, and the diligent navigation of our Captain, Sue, we didn’t get lost once (which was really our single most important race objective, since neither Sue nor Heather had ever raced for this long before).

We were also still racing when many of the other all male teams had dropped out with hypothermia, after being dunked once too often in the class 2 rapids that we had to navigate at the end of the race (all bloody 20km of them!). We were all still speaking to each other after finishing, despite the stresses of the day (including a 45 minute bushwhack/portage which had us running around with the canoe on our heads crashing into trees and wondering how the hell anyone in their right mind could possibly call this fun). We were all humbled by the performance of each of the other members on our team. It was a really great experience.

Rob was there to support us and took some photos. As soon as they are up on the web I will include a link.

3 thoughts on “Major Catch Up”

  1. Juliette, you are far too generous of my navigation abilities and far too humble about your pivotal role as the POWER HOUSE of Team Wonderlegs. You drove that pace and there is no way we would’ve even hit CP6 without you at the helm. Honestly, it was such an amazing experience and I LOVED every minute of it. Even when we were carrying around what felt like the heaviest canoe on earth.

    And PUHHHHHLEEEESE, don’t downplay your amazing performance in P to A. You are so incredibly strong. I will ride up Kelso 100 times if I can get half as strong as you. If you won’t toot your own horn, I WILL!!!

  2. Welcome back love, glad to hear your really enjoying the better weather and truly amazing events – well done, I’m proud of you. Lots of love Mum x

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