Mountain Biking Widow

This weekend has been a busy one. Mari and I celebrated the genesis of Rob and Dave’s new business venture on Friday night with one or two bottles of Malivoire (M2 and their blush, which was a lot dryer than a rose would usually be, and very tasty). I’ll leave Rob to write about this venture, and update the photos…

On Saturday we went to Rob’s brother Mike’s wedding. It was a great day, both Mike and Diana’s family and friends were out in force, beginning in downtown Toronto at 10am, and ending at who knows what time at a banquet hall in Vaughan. I felt like I needed a medal at the end of the day for staying on my feet. We even managed to dance. It wasn’t only the longest wedding I’ve ever been to, it was the most multicultural – a truly contemporary Canadian experience.

Diana’s family is Hindu and so the night before was a tradition Hindu ceremony. We weren’t able to make it, but I am told that Mike rode up to the ceremony (which was held in Scarborough) on a white horse in full traditional Hindu dress. The ceremony the next morning was at a Catholic church and Diana had a dress with a train that was longer than she is tall. That afternoon, the reception began with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony for the immediate family, and then went on to cover traditional Indian drumming, a salsa show, and a break-dancing demonstration. The food was Chinese meets south Asian and the drinking and high jinks were very much North American in nature.

Next morning Rob and I crawled out of bed at sunrise so that we could get him to Morriston in time to meet his friend Phil, one of the six guys Rob is heading down to Vermont with for the week on a guys mountain biking trip. We were both remarkably fresh given the antics of the day before. Rob headed out to Vermont (to return a couple of hours later, I understand, because Phil had forgotten his passport) and I went to collect Daisy from Dave and Mari’s and had breakfast at Earth to Table, the new addition to the fold that includes the Ancaster Old Mill and Spence’s.

It was fantastic to have a whole Sunday to myself. I walked Daisy at Kerncliffe Park, tidied up the house and watched the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus with my dinner on my knee, a nice glass of Cab Sauv and my dog curled up next to me. Even better knowing that Monday was a holiday!

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