New Year in Gabon

Well, after making the comment that I am becoming more technically savvy, I have failed miserably in my attempts at adding pictures to these last two postings. I will have to wait until the 2006 sun rises over Burlington, Canada and Rob wakes up so that he can give me instructions (probably for the tenth time now) on how to do this. He has the patience of a saint. In the mean time you can click here to check out all the photos I took.

New Year’s Eve was much the same as Xmas Eve with general high spirits etc but the band had three more women in it this time. I think that the hysteria levels amongst the expat, as well as the local, guys increased relative to the number of women. I shall say no more…..It was a really good night though. Not least because I was able to come back to my room and speak to Rob at midnight.

I spent the morning yesterday with Ian driving up to the port at Dianongo, about 60km north of our camp. That’s where all our supplies come in on barges that sail up the river from Port Gentil. It was great to see water and as we drove up we saw a bunch of women and children washing and doing their laundry. There are also a few villages on the way up there to see. Essentially they are just a small collection of huts with a few people living in them, but sights like that provide a real reminder that we really are in the middle of the African jungle here. Something which you can almost forget as you go about your daily life. I watched footage on the news this morning of New Year in Times Square and on the South Bank in London, images that are in stark contrast to the kind of night we had here!

I am quite excited about a bit of news I heard last night. Shane told me that they are going to bring another dog on to the camp from Toucan. They did have one, Zeta, who lived here for over two years and who was loved by everyone. She was attacked by a wild panther one night, a loss which effected the whole camp. Now everyone feels ready to have a new dog. I am really looking forward to it too.

Well, it is almst time to clock off for the day. I am running again this afternoon. Another 12km run and will spend the rest of the time before dinner doing much the same as I did last Sunday; trying to rub the dead skin off my runners feet, manicuring my finger nails and watching movies. Can’t wait.

Happy New Year to everyone who is reading this. I hope that 2006 brings you everything that you need and at least some of what you want.

3 thoughts on “New Year in Gabon”

  1. Hi love Just read your blogg for the first time in ages – Pat Reed prompted me with an email she sent me yesterday saying she had just had a look!! What a lot of newsy stuff and good news about the dog – sounds like you could have your little pet after all?? Everyone will have to make sure it’s not panther bait this time!! Keep up the news and look forward to seeing you next Wednesday when we can catch up before you fly off again to Canada. Lots of love Mum and Dad xx

  2. Hey Juliette,

    You’re blog and website is amazing!! What a brilliant way to keep everyone informed with all of your happenings. I was so excited to hear about your new post in Africa!! I hope we can keep in touch!!!

    Take care Juliette,


  3. You should BLOODY well update your blog once and awhile!! 🙂 Love the pictures of your vacation in France…very jealous!

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