Oil and Divorce

Maybe because I am the ‘LWF’ (lone white female) in Gabon, but for some reason people tell me things that, if it weren’t for the fact I am used to it by now, I’d find odd. I won’t go into details, but I will often be having a normal chat with someone and suddenly either a piece of really personal information will come out or some very sincerely intended advice. 

Most of the time I don’t mind, as long as I haven’t heard the story too many times before, or I’m not in the middle of something at work. I just wonder whether it is because I am female, or easy to talk to, or perhaps I am not unique and the other guys get this too. It’s just often surprisng coming from men, who, let’s face it are pretty well known for not talking about their feelings very often.

Even so, this morning I did find it odd that, at 6.30am as I was making a cup of coffee, a guy who has only been in Rabi a few days, and who I have maybe spoken to briefly on a couple of occasions, suddenly started telling me, quite seriously, that I shouldn’t make a career choice out of oilfield work because 80% of the marriages of oil field workers fail..I was a bit taken aback. I actually knew this already but the fact that a complete stranger had felt the need to point it out to me seems strange. I don’t know, maybe my perspective is a bit skewed with being so close to going home.

On that subject, there is still no definitive news on the threatened National Strike. Rumour has it that it will take place on Monday 4th September for one day and then things will resume on Tuesday. I have no idea what this means for me or my back 2 back, so I am resigned not to think about it until next week.


3 thoughts on “Oil and Divorce”

  1. Juliette! I have always wondered how you were. I was playing on Googles and have found your blog. I have not read the whole stories but update me! How is your life? What do you do? Why are you in Gabon?? Email me when you have a chance!

  2. Hi……
    just to say i lurv reading your blog everyday, it must be wonderful to work in such an interesting place,
    keep it up,
    Luv Mia x

  3. I have to say I have complete sympathy with this view. As an “in law” I ahve only found my inherited family to be wonderful kind and considerate – despite my efforts to alienate them. This in itself may well be the secret – i.e if you treat your in laws like S*#t rather than turning the other cheek and trying to accomodate their foibles, they may well get the message that you are NOT married to them and they actually have no rights to make ether you or the person who got you into this predicament (i.e. Spouse) life less than wonderful, and as a result, treat you and yours with the respect you deserve.
    If only everyone where as wise as wot I am this could be a truly wonderful and peaceful world.

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