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In the last week I have received two e-mails from friends who I have not spoken to in years. They found my blog and it prompted them to write. It was fantastic to hear from them. When I was in Canada, I bumped into a friend in Chapters who I haven’t seen in almost a year and she mentioned she also read my blog.

Sometimes I have questioned why I write this blog (especially since it has got me into trouble a couple of times in recent months) and occassionally I do wonder whether I am being vain by talking about my thoughts and experiences. Then I read this post on Anne Zelenka’s blog ‘Anne 2.0‘ and it decsribed my motvations exactly. Anne writes:

“The power of blogging is not that it allows us to broadcast our voice and ideas to many people, but that it supports human scale interactions, dialogues between and among people that wouldn’t otherwise happen…..” 

I don’t really care if I don’t have a readership of hundreds, I don’t expect it since I write largely about myself, and I don’t think I am that interesting in the grand scheme of things. As most of my friends will contest, I love to talk and I love people and this is my way of connecting when I am not actually able to speak to them.

It’s good to be able to understand your reasons for doing things, so, thank you, to Anne for her post.


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  1. Juliette: I’m a regular reader and love hearing what you’re up to. I have learned many things from you and Rob that you have discussed, (geocacheing to mention one). I did blog my name and came up with a couple of comments I had made on your web site! I have enjoyed reading about your thoughts on various topics, and I’m getting to know you through your blog – I’m very impressed! It’s great for your Mum & Dad to keep up with the news too. I didn’t notice the Navel Gazing spelling (surprise for me), but that’s another thing I appreciate about your web site is that you really know the English language – spelling and grammar – something I appreciate! Keep tinking and witing.
    Love you both.

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