On Group Think

Rob and I just got back from a very hot, long, ride on our road bikes. We did 130km today. We were supposed to be riding with a big group and doing something called The Halton Hilly 100. Which is an annual 100km ride open to anyone who is a member of an Ontario cycling club. However, although we did get up on time and we were raring to go at 7.45 this morning, we both convinced ourselves that the starting point was in one spot, when, you guessed it, it was somewhere else entirely.

At about 9am we figured we had got something wrong and decided to do the ride anyway by ourselves. It was a beautiful day and we got to complete the ride “Prouse Style”, in other words, with stops included for gourmet sandwiches at lunch time and a beer on a patio at the 100km mark.

There were so many motor bike groups out today. I figure that we saw “The Buddhas on Bikes” (VERY fat men with no tops on), “The Mostly Red Bikes Group” (ten red bikes and a blue one) and the good, old-fashioned, “Bad Ass Bikers” (green mohawks attached to their helmets and multiple piercings). It all adds to the local colour and keeps you from dwelling for too long on the growing pain in your butt..

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